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Fryar Law Firm Protects Business Owners

Our clients are entrepreneurs and business owners involved in the most difficult kind of business dispute-a fight with their own partners. We combat corporate abuse of power by using the legal system to neutralize the sources of that power and then negotiate fair resolutions to conflict. We are also first-class trial lawyers and can win in the court room when necessary.

In 2014, the Texas Supreme Court greatly diminished legal protections for minority shareholders, but we are innovating and fighting and winning for our clients even after Ritchie v. Rupe. In 2015, we achieved the largest fraud verdict in Texas for a group of minority shareholders, as reported in the Texas Lawyer.

We also represent majority shareholders locked in similar disputes. We know the mistakes and traps that trip up many other lawyers. We free our clients from the morass of a shareholder dispute without unnecessary expense, risk, or liability.

Our Practice

Fryar Law Firm’s particular focus is on the protection of the rights of persons who own stock or partnership interests in all kinds of private businesses. We have handled significant cases on the cutting edge of the law of shareholder oppression, including many cases that have generated appellate opinions breaking new legal ground.

Shareholder Oppression

Our principal area of practice is shareholder oppression cases involving the legal rights and duties in closely-held corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, and other private business entities. Our cases involve issues of breach of fiduciary duties, shareholder rights, inspection of corporate records, squeeze-outs, and buy-outs. We represent business owners in disputes with their co-owners, shareholders, corporate officers and directors, partners, and members of limited liability companies.

Shareholder Derivative Suits

We represent shareholders in derivative suits. Most of our cases also involve bringing claims on behalf of the corporation for misappropriation, usurpation of opportunities, theft of assets, mismanagement, and other forms of breach of fiduciary duties.

Dissenter’s Rights

When the law provides rights of dissent and appraisal designed to obtain a fair cash price for the minority shareholder’s ownership interest in a merger, we assist minority shareholders through the legal mine field of a dissenter’s rights case and help to obtain maximum value for our clients.

Consultation -- Inspection Demands -- Audits

We assist clients in resolving disputes before litigation. We employ the legal mechanisms to compel majority shareholders to make corporate information available to their shareholders and to hold proper shareholders’ meetings. We have the financial expertise to audit the company books and determine where the money is going.

Other Business Litigation

About 15% of our practice involves litigating other business disputes for our clients: breach of contract, fraud, commercial leases, defamation, employment disputes, and the like.

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YEAR FOUNDED:  2006 - although Eric Fryar has been a trial lawyer for more than 25 years.
LOCATION:  Downtown Houston, Texas

85% business partner disputes; 15% business litigation

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