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Locked Out of Your Own Company?

Shareholder Oppression

A falling out among partners, shareholders or business owners can seem like the end of the world. A minority shareholder may lose employment, income, and net worth -- and can do nothing to stop it. Even a majority shareholder may feel at the mercy of the legal system when sued by an unhappy partner.

Texas law has changed, but it still offers significant protection against shareholder oppression.

Discover the rights and legal protections that apply to owners of small businesses in Texas and across the country.

Learn the future of Shareholder Oppression at our Shareholder Oppression Resource Center.

Know Your Rights!

Shareholder Oppression

 Happy 10th Anniversary Shareholder Oppression Website!

This website first started posting information vital to oppressed minority shareholders in the Fall of 2006. Because the Texas Supreme Court struck down the shareholder oppression doctrine in 2014, we have completely rewritten this site to let shareholders know how the courts will protect against shareholder oppression in the future.

Take a look at the most comprehensive free source of information on the law of shareholder oppression.


Feb. 2, 2017-Fryar Law Firm Appellate Victory!  Court of Appeals affirms $1.7 million judgment for breach of fiduciary duty against a Texas limited partner.

Download Bruce v. Cauthen opinion

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Fryar Law Firm Protects Oppressed Shareholders

Fryar Law Firm, P.C. is a Houston, Texas-based firm that fights to protect shareholders rights and to stop minority shareholder oppression, squeeze-outs, and abuses of corporate power.


Fryar Law Firm’s practice is devoted to protecting the rights of business owners and fighting for shareholders facing shareholder oppression, squeeze-outs, and violations of rights. Our attorneys have helped thousands of business owners in Texas and all over the country. You are not at the mercy of your business partners. We represent both majority and minority shareholders and discretely advise business owners how to avoid or prepare for litigation. We consult with other lawyers to find the strongest litigation strategy and legal theories. We fight for our clients in the courtroom and get results. We bring to our clients a solid record of achievement and the knowledge, skill, and tenacity to get the job done.

Eric Fryar

Fryar Law Firm - Knowledge Makes the Difference
Shareholder and business partnership law is complex. We bring a depth of knowledge and decades of experience to your dispute.
Fryar Law Firm knows how to win these cases.
We also know how to avoid the traps that make you lose.

Fryar Law Firm -- Intense Focus on Shareholder OppressionIntense Focus

More than 85% of our practice is devoted to representing owners of small business in disputes with their business partners. Our practice is "all in" for minority shareholders and small business owners. Our clients can count on us to hit the ground running, instead of learning on the job.

We understand how to win these cases because we handle them every day!

Learn More about our Shareholder Oppression Practice>

Fryar Law Firm Knows Shareholder Oppression - Knowledge Makes the DifferenceDepth of Knowledge

Not only have we been handling shareholder disputes for more than two decades, we are deeply involved in research, writing, and speaking on our area of the law. We work to innovate and push the development of the law and regularly take cases on the cutting edge. This Fall, the Texas Journal of Business Law will publish our law review article on the future of shareholder oppression law in Texas. Download you advance copy>

Consult our comprehensive knowledge base on minority shareholder rights>

Fryar Law Firm Knows Shareholder Oppression

Fryar Law Firm Wins for Minority ShareholdersRecord of Success

We have negotiated buy-outs for hundreds of minority shareholders and have won for our clients in trial and appellate courts. Even after Texas abolished the Shareholder Oppression Doctrine, we continue to get results for oppressed minority shareholders. According to the Texas Lawyer, we achieved the largest fraud verdict in Texas in 2015 for a group of minority shareholders.

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What Our Clients Are Saying 

Adrien Poulliot - Fryar Law Firm shareholder oppression client.

A group of "defrauded investors and I engaged the Fryar Law Firm to seek justice. Eric Fryar showed incredible loyalty to his clients, tenacity, and determination in fighting for our rights over five long years. During a three week trial, Eric proved himself an outstanding trial lawyer and withstood everything that the opposition could throw at us, achieving one of the largest verdicts in the country during 2015.

Adrien Poulliot, Canadian Businessman

Skyport Litigation



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Misty Cauthen - Fryar Law Firm shareholder oppression client

"After being bullied out of my own company of 11 years I hired Eric Fryar. He and his associates helped me through the most painful experiences of my life. They were always reachable and responsive. They were sensitive, thoughtful, and detailed. This law firm combines great legal skill and compassion for those who are victims of corporate fraud. Eric Fryar is sharp, focused, well-organized, highly ethical, and highly effective in court."

Misty Cauthen, Houston Businesswoman

Cauthen v. Bruce Trial

Cauthen v. Bruce Appeal

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   Future of Shareholder Oppression Law
Texas Law Still Protects Against Shareholder Oppression
Download an advance draft of our article to be published very soon in the Texas Journal of Business Law.  
Fryar Law Firm Top 50 Verdicts in the Nation 2015Fryar Law Firm Largest 2015 Fraud Verdict in TexasFryar Law Firm - Shareholder Oppression Attorneys

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