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Fryar Law Firm, P.C. is a Houston, Texas based firm that fights to protect shareholders rights and to stop minority shareholder oppression, squeeze-outs, breaches of fiduciary duties and other abuses of corporate power.

A falling out among partners, shareholders or business owners can seem like the end of the world. A minority shareholder may lose employment, income, and net worth -- and can do nothing to stop it. Even a majority shareholder may feel at the mercy of the legal system when sued by an unhappy partner.

Fryar Law Firm’s practice is devoted to protecting the rights of business owners and fighting for shareholders facing oppression, squeeze-outs, and violations of rights. Our attorneys have helped thousands of business owners all over the country. You are not at the mercy of your business partners. We represent both majority and minority shareholders and discretely advise business owners how to avoid or prepare for litigation. We consult with other lawyers to find the strongest litigation strategy and legal theories. We fight for our clients in the courtroom and get results. We bring to our clients a solid record of achievement and the knowledge, skill, and tenacity to get the job done.

The shareholder oppression cause of action is less than 40 years old, and the courts’ slow recognition of fiduciary responsibilities owed to minority shareholders is still evolving. Many lawyers are not experienced with this area of the law, and many business owners ignore the new legal restraints on the exercise of corporate power. This is an area where ignorance of the law can be disastrous. We have found that knowledge makes the difference in advising our clients and in successfully prosecuting these claims. At Fryar Law Firm, we have devoted countless hours to researching and writing in this area, including the Shareholder Oppression Blog and the information on this website, which is the most comprehensive free resource available to shareholders. 

At Fryar Law Firm, we don’t just claim to know our stuff, we demonstrate it.

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